Unse sports betting tip service

We are a betting service for sports betting in the field of soccer tips, handball tips, basketball tips and ice hockey tips. Our service offers everything from a single source. So you don’t need to be in many different groups on Facebook, Telegram or Whatsapp anymore, you can easily get all the tips directly to your phone through our website.

Everything you want to know about our sports betting tip service

Who is the typing booth?

The Tippbude that are Patrick (34) and Michael (53). We are interested in many sports (including soccer, handball, ice hockey, basketball) and especially sports betting.

Our decades of experience in sports betting tips goes back to the very beginning of the betting market. In times where the internet – as we know it today – was still a grey theory of the future, Michael placed his first bets by letter. That’s hard to imagine today. At that time, however, the only way to place sports bets.

The second factor that is essential for betting is the interest in numbers, data and statistics. This is exactly what distinguishes the Tippbude. We have a soft spot for numbers, data and statistics and work especially with self-developed tools for our sports betting analyses.

What does the betting booth stand for?

The Tippbude stands first and foremost for seriousness and passion. Seriousness is indispensable in the betting business. We work 100% seriously and transparently. A fair and trusting relationship with our community and our customers is a matter of course for us and the basis for a longer cooperation. Furthermore, we are characterized by the fact that we have the ambition to make the best recommendations for our customers every day. Self-reflection is part of our weekly business. If there are phases where things are not going so well, we critically scrutinize ourselves and strive to do better again immediately. But even in very good phases, we are constantly working on improvements and new ideas. Always true to our motto: profit and more value for our customers.

What sets us apart from the many other providers?

Clearly the issue of seriousness and reasonable dealings with our customers. We do not sell “castles in the air” and recommend good odds. We don’t celebrate 1.25 odds that have come. Why? Because we would never recommend them. The odds do not bring any value and therefore do not appear in our portfolio.

With us, the phrase “100% analyzed bets” is not just a phrase peddled by many in the market. This is our daily practice at the Tippbude and the basis for our success to date. Since the beginning, we have relied on our self-developed analysis tools. The topic of AI – artificial intelligence – is also already on our agenda and will certainly make us even better in the future.

An absolutely unique selling point on the entire market is our self-created “Tippbuden-Leckerchen”. There we recommend our customers during the season always the games of a complete weekend (Friday to Sunday) compact with a lot of information and graphically very nicely prepared pages.

Why should I book the tip booth?

You should book the tip booth offers because as a reputable company we analyze all our sports betting tip recommendations 100% ourselves. We have a very good price-performance ratio and there is no subscription obligation or compulsory membership. For now, you can just follow us in the different channels and play our free tips. Over 200 satisfied sports bettors since January 2022 are proof of our good, solid work.

Just register with us for free and get our daily free tips. You can also book a monthly bag here.