The history of the typing booth....

In 2021, we, that is Patrick Schmidt and Michael Lechert, came up with the idea of our
many years of knowledge and our enthusiasm in the field of sports betting (including soccer,
handball, basketball and ice hockey) to others as well. Since we both
children of the Ruhrpott’s are, there where the heart of soccer beats, the name fell relatively quickly

The betting booth

Everyone in Germany, and especially in the Ruhr area, knows these drinking halls, where formerly
people met and exchanged after work. A place where always lively about
soccer or other sports was discussed.
We also wanted to start such a forum or platform. No sooner said than done! The betting booth
was born at the end of 2021…….
We’ve got tips and recommendations for reenactment that are at least as delicious
are like the schnitzel or meatball rolls from the drinking establishments of the time. And after
successful work (betting profit) can be nice one or the other Pülleken beer