Unique in Germany.
Our sports betting tipster treat for the weekend.

Since February, the Tippbude has been offering the Tippbude treat with sports betting tips for the weekend. If there is enough choice during the week, we will also publish a special edition of the “Leckerchen”.

(Cover page of issue 10)

No Tippster in Germany publishes a magazine for sports betting.

With this sports betting magazine, we have a unique selling point among tipsters. The tip booth treat usually includes sports betting tips from Fridays to Mondays.

Everything to the typing booth treat:

  • Sports betting tips for the weekend incl. well-founded analyses
  • Tip recommendations as well as alternative tips for the same game
  • Tip specials in the traffic light system. So there is something for every sports bettor
  • Budentalk with important topics around sports betting (e.g. money management, dealing with betting losses, sports betting mindset, etc.)
  • Approx. 20 pages of interesting content

How much is the treat?

The treat is included in every monthly bag. Without subscription or monthly bag the Tippbuden treat costs regularly 8.50 euros.

Where can I buy the treat?

With us in the Tippbuden store, the treat can be purchased easily and conveniently. Subsequently, the sports betting magazine can be downloaded as a PDF file on Fridays.

Our tips are from the complete sports world. In addition to soccer tips such as Bundesliga tips, we also have sports betting tips from the sports of basketball, handball or ice hockey. Since the Tippbuden team is broadly positioned, they have the opportunity to acquire the necessary expertise in many sports. Through years of experience in the respective sports, the certain know-how for the sports betting market is available. By means of the tip booth treat, we would like to give every customer of the tip booth the opportunity to play the analyzed tips of the tip booth at an early stage.