Our football tips in December have achieved a yield of 10%.

At the end of the month there was a plus of + 6.40 units, but due to the selected number of tips, a yield of 10% could be achieved with our football tips. Sports betting connoisseurs know that a value around 5% is already good in the long run. Let’s take a look at what the month has brought.

World Cup tips have dragged down the statistics

What worsens our statistics are the daily World Cup tips on every single World Cup match. Our motto is quality over quantity, but we promised you that we will give a tip for every game. We have complied with this requirement, which is also evidenced by the statistics. The first 10 days of December were up and down. You can see in the statistics that the games that came were the most calculable by probabilities. The most profit we made was from the 2 player combos in the Spanish La Liga 2.

In the first 10 days we have achieved a plus of 3.56 EH. In the end behind our claim, but the preliminary round made it difficult for us to start. Afterwards we had a good phase, even with 4 WINS in a row. However, December as a whole was more solid than outstanding. In January we try again to make the month more successful with our successful sports betting analysis and our probability calculations. In total, we made 64 tips, of which 34 were correct. The average ratio was 2.23 and the yield at the end was 10%. This is all for the statistics fans and number lovers!


Bull pen ends with small minus

It was different in the bull pen. Here you could already see the low selection of football tips, because we did not take into account the World Cup. We played a total of 52 tips, of which only 25 tips were correct. This results in a hit rate of 48%. The betting odds averaged 1.97. The Yiel ended at -6.9%. The month of December was closed in the bull pen with -3.6 EH.

We will sharpen our pencils again in January and step on the gas there again. We also want to make a profit in the bull pen at the end of the month.

January will again happen a lot around soccer tips

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