Our soccer tips evaluation for the weekend

Every weekend we launch our treat with exciting soccer tips. Currently only soccer, as the other sports have not yet started the season. After extensive analysis, we pick for you the best tips with good odds for the coming weekend. We have deliberately decided to publish the tips early, so that you can still pick the best odds early.

Overall, we came out of this weekend solid, generating + 1.05 EH despite only having 6/16 hits. We’ll explain to you in a moment how we still ended up in the black.

Sportwetten Analyse

Started the weekend with + 28.61 EH

We usually analyze 3-4 soccer tips per day for the weekend. The past and also the experiences show that it makes more sense to focus on few games as well, because there are more than 2,500 games on the weekend. If you limit yourself to a few good tips, that can be more successful overall.

Why are we giving up amounts of money here? Since everyone types differently. Some bet 5 euros per tip, some 25 euros, others even higher amounts like 100 euros. We could easily increase our statistics and show you amounts like 1.000 or 2.000 Euro profit per month, but we don’t do that.

We want to be serious and honest with you. Therefore, we give our profits only in units and you can convert them to your profit yourself. We recommend that you always choose the same stake per bet, as this gives you a better overview of your money management.

After last weekend, it was clear that we would have a hard time topping the +15.95 EH again. We started the Friday with -2.52 EH. Unfortunately, Brugge still scored the 1:3, otherwise we would have cleared a 4.05 odds. So we have to accept the minus for this day.

Saturday started similarly. Our favorite tip from South Korea ended 1-1, ruining the nice odds as well. With the 0:1 victory of Plsen in the 94th minute gave us a total of +3.98 EH and save the Saturday, as we often lacked a goal. Luck, which was on our side last week, was on the other side this time.

Sunday solid again

Sunday started first with 100%. Slovacko scored the 1:2 in a shorthanded game towards the end, adding +1.60 EH to the coffers. We also played Marseille with 2.62 odds to win and thus also earned a plus. Unfortunately, Napoli played 0-0, as we expected a high-scoring game here. Fitting for the weekend was the lack of a corner in the Bratislava game. As a result, we had to leave a nice odds of 2.25.

In total, the weekend was expandable, but what is important is that we scored + 1.05 EH. This corresponds to a yield of 6.56%. We were able to generate a plus despite a hit rate of 38%. How does it work? Very simple. Stable ratios. Our average win rate is 2.66. For this high rate, we only need a hit rate of 37.5%.

And that’s what makes the typing booth. With low odds around 1.6, we would have ended up in the thick of the red with this hit rate. However, we were able to generate a plus as a result.

The bull needs power again

Our bull pen, on the other hand, needs power again. Although we were able to finish Sunday with a + 2.00 EH and 100% odds, the weekend ended there with – 0.91 EH. Sunday gives us the courage to believe that the knot has been broken there as well.

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