Betting tips evaluation of the betting booth: month May 2022

Sportwetten Analyse

In the final spurt of the season in almost all leagues in Europe, we unfortunately do not have a good month
Caught Even if you take into account that especially on the last meters there are many
surprising results, the betting booth unfortunately had a few phases in May that were not crowned with success.

The month of May closes with a minus of 545.25 euros. In units, this would be a minus of 21.81 units.

Too many times in May, one of our parade tips “hit both” didn’t come. Also with some
simple exits, the wild end of the season threw a spanner in the works.

With 77 tickets played, we won only 27 tickets. The rate of 35
does not at all meet our expectations and aspirations.

A corresponding analysis will be prepared by us and we will – as in all
In the same way as in the previous months, we will again strive to achieve a good result for our customers.

There have been better months for betting tips

The odds played are in the good range at an average of 2.23. The average win rate of 2.04 is also in the decent range.
The yield this month is – 28.32. This value is a weak and below average value for the betting booth.

In hindsight, it has become clear that we acted too defensively in the season finale in May 2022. Instead of continuing to bet on our booster tip HC0 (a team wins by 1 goal margin) with high odds, we approached the month too conservatively considering the many unexpected outcomes that occurred.

But as the saying goes: wipe your mouth and keep going! As is well known, especially in the betting business there are always dry spells that need to be overcome!