Successful sports betting Friday

In total we won 5 sports bets out of 8 set. Of these, effectively only 1 game did not come. The remaining tips were additional tips to our analyzed games.


Trabzon scored quite late to 0:2

How it can work, you can see in the picture above. This is feedback from one of our regular customers at the typing booth. She has been typing our tips since February and already has such a high bankroll that she can type stakes like 25 Euros. But back to Friday. As analyzed, champion Trabzonspor started the season with a win. For a long time the score was 0:1 until the 88th minute when the score was 0:2. Very sad, because the nice odds “Trabzonspor wins with 1 goal difference” with 4.0q did not work out. A cashout was also not yet an option, as this only becomes interesting from the 88th minute onwards. Nevertheless, we won two more sports bets in the game.

As already announced in our sports betting magazine as a special, Bayern presented itself on. Fire away for the 2022/23 season. Our two picks in the game worked out and gave us a nice plus of +2.08 EH.

We have also correctly estimated the match Arsenal London in Crystal Palace at least on victory. Arsenal, however, was defensively very well set yesterday and have thus kept the white vest. Only Benfica Lisbon broke ranks with a 4-0 win. However, FC Arouca got a red card in the 1st half. This meant that a close game after a 2-0 lead was no longer possible.

In the end, we ended the day with a plus of +1.80 EH. A good start to the weekend

The sports betting month of August started well with + 6.14 EH

Overall, we got off to a good start in the sports betting month of August. With a basic bet of 25 euros per game, a profit of 153.50 euros would have resulted. This would be a short-term yield of 38.38 %.

We show you an overview of all VIP tips:

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