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With our sports betting analysis, you’ll never be alone again. We provide you with the best sports betting tips every day.

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With our service you are regularly supplied!

With our sports betting analysis, you’ll never be alone again. We provide you with the best sports betting tips every day. Not only soccer tips, but also tips from the sports handball, basketball or ice hockey. In this article we explain how we work, what you can expect from us and how to book our service.

First of all we are glad to welcome you on our site. After months of work on this website we can present you the first website of the Tippbude. The special thing about it is its own members’ area. Above the button “My tips” you will get to the log-in area. There is a possibility to register for free. There you have the possibility to take the daily free tip and replay it. However, if you want to make long-term profits with sports betting, you are better off in our Premium VIP area. For this you have to book e.g. the monthly bag.

Who are they anyway?

We are a duo, Michael and Patrick, who are behind the typing booth. At the beginning of 2022 we had the idea to share our expertise with many other tipsters. We started with a Telegram channel(to the channel). Nowadays we can welcome more than 800 subscribers every day. The idea was to analyze games and share the most interesting tips with others.

This was so well received that we introduced a premium service to provide analyzed sports betting tips, mostly from soccer, to our customers. For more than 6 months we have been working daily for Tippbude, analyzing the sports market of soccer, handball, basketball and ice hockey. With our own developed tools and years of experience we can identify good betting tips and filter out attractive odds for our customers. The statistics (5 out of 6 months in PLUS) speak for solid work.

What do we offer you?

We offer you daily tip analyses and make sure that quality comes before quantity. We would like to play attractive and, above all, realistic odds ourselves. What brings us to regularly play small odds. For this, the hit rate must be very high. For example, if we play regular 1.50 odds, then at least 66.67% of the picks must be correct to get +-0. With bookmaker odds of 2.00, only 50% of the games need to be right to at least get your bet back. Therefore, we specialize in analyses that have a betting odds of 1.80 odds and higher. This makes it possible to achieve higher profits and, at the same time, to compensate for lean periods.

Tippbude offers you 2-4 analyzed sports betting tips or soccer tips every day, which can be replayed at almost every sports betting provider. If we have special tips that are playable at only one bookmaker, we offer you alternative tips.

How do I get the tips?

Sign up with us on the site and book yourself one of our bags. As soon as you have registered, booked your betting service and verified your e-mail address, you can view your analyzed tips in the members area under VIP Tips on a daily basis and replay them with your bookmaker.

What kind of tips do you get from us?

Ultimately, we pick out the most attractive bets from the sports betting market. Our tips are all PRE tips. That means our sports betting tips will arrive by noon, so you have enough time to replay our tips. We don’t offer LIVE betting, because we consider it as pure gambling and you can’t make money with it in the long run (possible in the short run, but the risk is too high, because you don’t know when it’s over). Each analysis includes a text, an odds, the match pairing and possibly an alternative.

What makes us so special?

We are the only provider on the market that publishes a betting magazine for the weekend. With our Tippbuden treat you get a high-quality booklet (as PDF for download) with numerous tips for the games on the weekend. This gives you the clear advantage of having an overview of the entire weekend and you already have the opportunity to secure the best odds on Friday. The treat you can easily buy from us in the
buy As soon as you have completed the purchase, the booklet will be available for download as a PDF.

Nice to have you on our website. We look forward to welcoming you as a Tippbuden customer soon.

Your Tippbuden Team