Betting tips evaluation of the betting booth: month June 2022

In June, despite the summer break in many leagues, the betting booth was active and again very successful. After a weak May, we bounced back and focused on our special tips. Due to the higher tips, we were thus able to achieve good results. If you had played all the given betting tips in June with 25 euros per tip, like Paul, you would have gone home with a net profit of 523.00 euros.

In units, this would be an increase of 20.92 units. The month of June consisted exclusively of sports betting tips from soccer. One of our favorite soccer bets is the handicap bet on the favorite to win by only one goal or two goals difference.

We hit odds of 3.00 or higher a total of four times. Just towards the end of the month, we put down a WIN series three times. Twice with 4 tips each and once even 5 tips correct in a row. Thus, we could always build up a good capital and increase the bankroll.

The yield in this month of April is 34.87. Anyone who regularly bets on sports knows that a long-term value between 5-10 is very good. This means that we are performing above average in this month of June. Yield is the ratio of net profit to capital employed. In simple terms, it means how much did I get for my effort in the month. Of course, it is also possible that a month is higher in the plus, but the yield is smaller. This can happen if the bet played is significantly lower.

Sportwetten Analyse

With higher odds of betting tips to the better quality result.

Our clear approach is to play at attractive odds in order to earn higher profits in the long run. Every sports bettor thinks of course now: Higher odds involve a greater risk and I prefer to play small odds, because there are more successes to get. We say YES. A high rate does not always say much. Either the bookie underestimates or overestimates the situation. Because we analyze carefully, we often manage to pick out the right odds.
In June, we had an average betting odds of 2.25. That means our WIN ratio only has to be 44.44% to come out of the month with +-0. If we hit more games than 44.44%, we go out with a PLUS. Our WIN rate was 60%. With a total of 60 tips submitted, we were able to meet 36. We would never have expected such a good rate in June, as the top leagues were all on summer break.
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The mixture of different sports betting tips makes it.

Our focus is primarily on sports betting tips in soccer. We also watch the other sports markets such as ice hockey, basketball, handball and also volleyball, however soccer betting seemed to be the most lucrative sports bet.

Depending on the betting provider, there are different betting offers for the sports. In soccer betting, in addition to the classic outcome, there is also the possibility to bet on over/under goals and both teams scoring a goal. There is also the possibility to bet on goal scorers, who will win a half or on special bets like “favorite wins with X goals difference”. The tips in the betting booth are always analyzed so that the sports bets can be placed with almost any betting provider.