Paul wins with our soccer tips

Paul has been with us in the betting booth since February 2022 and plays all the soccer tips that we make available in the betting booth in an anaylsized form. Not only this weekend, but in August so far, Paul has enjoyed nice winnings through our VIP tips. With a yield of 43.54%, it is off to an outstanding start to the month.

Sportwetten Analyse

With + 6.11 EH we came out of this weekend

This weekend we didn’t play too many games. Therefore, we have selected only 4 games per day in the betting booth and analyzed soccer tips. On Friday, as already described in the article“Good sports betting day“, a plus of + 1.80 EH could be taken as profit.

Why are we giving up amounts of money here? Since everyone types differently. Some bet 5 euros per tip, some 25 euros, others even higher amounts like 100 euros. We could easily increase our statistics and show you amounts like 1.000 or 2.000 Euro profit per month, but we don’t do that. We want to be serious and honest with you. Therefore, we give our profits only in units and you can convert them to your profit yourself. We recommend that you always choose the same stake per bet, as this gives you a better overview of your money management.

Saturday was also in the plus with + 2.21 EH. Unfortunately, we did not hit our daily risk tip otherwise the weekend would have been even more successful. The biggest plus we got was in the PSV Eindhoven vs FC Emmen game, as PSV scored in both halves as suspected and ended up winning the game with a 2 or 3 goal difference. PSV Eindhoven won 4:1 (3:0).

Sunday also ended with + 2.10 EH

Here we were able to show a hit rate of 75%. Unfortunately, Rapid Wien didn’t manage to win, otherwise we could have ended Sunday with a clean slate. At the end of the weekend, we achieved a PLUS of +6.11 EH. In the whole of August, after 8 days, we stand with a plus of +10.45 EH. Besides Paul, who always plays our soccer tips with 25 euros per tip, has currently earned a net profit of 261.25 euros and that in just under a week. Its yield (net profit to stake) is 43.54%. This means that he was able to increase his invested capital by 1.4354. We show you here again all played sports betting tips in August:

So far in August, we are well in the PLUS

After a good start to the month, we won’t be taking a break. Our season in TIpp service has just begun. You also want to get regularly analyzed tips and make profits like Paul? Then check out what our tip service is up to and book yourself a monthly bag.

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