Successful weekend sports betting analysis

Paul cheers. With a plus of +15.96 EH Paul goes out of this weekend with our sports betting analysis. Since February 2022 Paul is with us in the betting booth and plays all soccer tips that we provide in the betting booth anaylsiert.

This weekend we achieved a yield of 106.40%. This meant more profit achieved than used. But more about that in this article.

Sportwetten Analyse

With + 9.15 EH started the weekend with our sports betting analysis.

This weekend we didn’t play too many games. Therefore, we have selected only 4 games per day in the betting booth and analyzed soccer tips. So far, our focus is on soccer, as the other sports like basketball, handball or ice hockey have not started yet.

Why are we giving up amounts of money here? Since everyone types differently. Some bet 5 euros per tip, some 25 euros, others even higher amounts like 100 euros. We could easily increase our statistics and show you amounts like 1.000 or 2.000 Euro profit per month, but we don’t do that.

We want to be serious and honest with you. Therefore, we give our profits only in units and you can convert them to your profit yourself. We recommend that you always choose the same stake per bet, as this gives you a better overview of your money management.

Friday was extremely successful. We deliberately go for good quality odds because we believe that this is the way to make the most profit in the long run. AM Friday we analyzed the small Viennese derby in the betting booth right at the beginning.

Everything went according to plan. At halftime the score was 1:1. In the second half it was 3:2 for Austria Wien II until the 94th minute. Then followed a free kick for Rapid Wien. At this point we had won our first bet “Both score in the 2nd half” for odds 2.62. The crowning glory was then the 3:3 in the 95th minute.

That was the double WIN for our sports betting analysis. The draw had odds of 4.2 as a PRE tip. The bookmakers have seen Austria Wien II as favorites. But derbies have their own laws. We have used this for ourselves and our customers. We finished the entire Friday with a plus 9.15 EH and a 100% hit rate.

Saturday would have turned out better with a little luck

The Ingolstadt team flipped the switch too late. Only shortly before the end they scored the 2:2 in Essen, but we needed the victory. Thus, this tip was already wrong. Moreover, in parallel Hibernian had scored the 2:2 in the 94th minute in the match against Rangers. A good cashout could have been drawn in the 90th minute, which we would always recommend. Too often, a goal is scored in stoppage time and that is usually the knockout for the bet.

Due to the equalizer, our 3.60 odds were unfortunately wrong. In total, Saturday was quite ok, as we could still achieve a plus of + 1.45 EH. With Real Madrid’s victory over Celta Vigo, our 3.40 odds went through easily.

Sunday rounded off the weekend perfectly. With + 5.36 EH we secured a nice win on Sunday as well. We played 15 tips over the weekend, 12 of which were correct. Our average odds are 2.59 per tip. Once again, you can see that we attach great importance to good ratings. There is no point in betting only on 1.50 odds in the long run, as a longer losing streak would be impossible to absorb.

We have achieved a plus of +15.95 EH over the weekend. That would be a net profit of 398.75 euros if you had played with 25 euros per tip. With 100 euros per tip you would have achieved a net profit of 1,595 euros. With a yield of 106.40%, we more or less doubled our stake. In the following overview you will find our tips again.

So far in August, we are well in the PLUS

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