Sports betting tips evaluation for September

Paul has been with us in the betting booth since February 2022 and plays all the soccer tips that we make available in the betting booth in an anaylsized form. Since then, it has generated 1,877 euros in net profit. With this, Paul has financed his annual vacation in 2023. September was not as successful this time as June once was, but there was still a small PLUS at the end.

Sportwetten Analyse

Thanks to good odds despite 45% win rate with our sports betting tips landed in the plus

September got off to a solid start. We had 7/11 tips correct and started the month with almost 100 euros profit. After that, the month was like a roller coaster ride. Win-Lose-Win-Lose. The worst period we had was between 11.09 and 14.09.22, namely with exactly 0 goals. What was the reason? Were they bad tips? Did we do something wrong?

In our eyes, they were not bad tips. Maybe we just used the tips at the wrong time. Therefore, we had bad luck on our side and nothing in the way of wins. Who operates sports betting tips, which knows these Phasen sicheriich times, where the VAR decide against one, where in the 95th minute yet another goal falls.

Yield of 3.83% not our claim

Overall, we were able to post a yield of only 3.83%, which would not be a good value in the long term. In the betting booth, we are doing very well with 9.73%. It is said that a value between 5-10% is a decent result for the sports betting market. What is a Yield? This is the ratio of net profit to capital employed. This allows you to see what the tips have brought in the end.

Towards the end of the month, we put on another sprint. With 12/20 correct sports betting tips and last 5 correct tips in a row have then made the month look positive.

We are sure that such months are rather an exception. If you want to see the whole statistics, you are welcome to download them.

We are well in the PLUS again in October

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