The top leagues start into the season - Matching our sports betting tips

This weekend the top leagues start again into the sports betting season. Among them, of course, the German soccer Bundesliga. We are of course by your side and have added the latest sports betting magazine to the Tippbuden store for you.

Bundesliga start with the opening game of Bayern

There is a lot on the program again this coming weekend. We also noticed this in the analysis phase. In the last weeks it was manageable and pleasant to pick and analyze suitable games. Now, of course, there is a need for more eye for the appropriate games again. As always, we try to pick out tasty odds for you that are also statistically realistic to hit. Our analyses are based on 80% probability calculations and 20% empirical values with the selected teams. Our tools include certain “pools” of teams where we have some information.

We start the weekend with over 12 sports betting tips. Among them the opening match of the Bundesliga. The Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt receives the champion from Munich. We expect an exciting game here, because Frankfurt not only have the fans behind them, but also play some nice soccer. Whether it will be enough in the end against Bayern, we will know today at 22:30 after the final whistle.

Furthermore, the leagues in France, Netherlands and Portugal start this weekend. These leagues are also the focus of the betting booth. Therefore, we have already taken a look at various games. Of course, the 1st matchday is always a risk, as the teams are not yet assessed. Therefore, we approach the outcome of our tips with caution, which does not mean that we are not convinced of our tips. Quite the opposite. Our sports betting tips are all analyzed in detail.

Guote quotas are our aspiration

Anyone who has ever booked our betting service knows that we attach great importance to good odds, because only in this way can you make decent profits in the long term and also better compensate for periods of loss. Every sports betting tip from us is almost always a “doubler” or even a “tripler”. Many shy away from high odds to play, because there is always the fear: “Comes anyway not at the rate.”

We have found a system where we are sure that you can win the most money in the long run through these bets. Sometimes our tips fail on the finish line, i.e. in injury time. Therefore, we also work with the cashout of the bookies. This is the only way we can then secure all the profits. If you want to know which tips we mean by this, you should book our tip service and test us with it.

August will contain exciting betting tips

We start August with a plus of 3.34 units. Now the Bundesliga and many other top leagues start. In August, among others, Eintracht Frankfurt also plays in the Super Cup against Real Madrid. Make sure you get our regular
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