Relegation fight 2nd league - Who will be relegated?

The relegation battle in the 2nd league also remains exciting. We have illuminated the bottom of the table for you and simulated the second Bundesliga using a table calculator.

Abstiegskampf 2 Liga

SV Sandhausen has the worst starting position

Let’s first look at the bottom of the table. SV Sandhausen is bottom of the table with just 21 points. The gap is 8 points to the saving shore. The air is slowly getting thinner for Tomas Oral’s squad.

In 17th place is Hansa Rostock, who have only managed to pick up 1 point from their last 5 games. The 2:3 against Kiel also hurt last weekend. The next few weeks will not be any easier for Hansa either. First they have to go to Paderborn, then at home against Fürth and then they play in Kaiserslautern.


Bielefeld and Braunschweig above the line

Abstiegskampf 2. Liga

Regensburg currently holds the relegation spot with 27 points. The 2:2 against Magdeburg allowed the Regensburg team to score again. Fürth, Kaiserslautern and Sandhausen are the next 3 opponents in the 2nd Bundesliga. Above the line are currently Braunschweig, Bielefeld (both 29 points), Nürnburg (30), and Magdeburg (32). From 11th to 16th place is only 7 points. We will see who will create the best position for the final phase.

We have simulated for the second Bundesliga until matchday 30. The relegation battle remains exciting on matchday 30. In our simulation, however, Braunschweig slips in at the bottom. However, it also shows that the fight to stay in the league will remain exciting until the last match day. From our point of view, Sandhausen will have the worst cards.

Abstiegskampf 2. Liga

Source: (simulated up to matchday 30)

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