Soccer World Cup Tips - It comes Matchday 3: Part 1

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is in full swing and the second match day is completed today. The third matchday of the World Cup preliminary round starts tomorrow. Therefore, we want to look at the individual groups together with you. In addition, you can find our assessment and the appropriate World Cup tips for each match in our World Cup VIP. We look at Group A-D in Part 1.

WM Tipps

Group A

WM Tipps GruppeA

On the 3rd matchday, Netherlands – Qatar and Ecuador – Senegal will meet here. Netherlands 1 point is enough to enter the round of 16. Even with Ecuador’s defeat and its own loss, Netherlands would finish in 2nd place. However, the Netherlands is too big for Qatar on paper and the World Cup tips should go in the direction of the Netherlands. Ecuador and Senegal will be an exciting match. Both presented themselves well against the Netherlands and Qatar. It will be exciting to see who will advance. In our VIP we will review both games.

Group B

WM Tipps Gruppe B

Here, on the last matchday of the preliminary round, Wales will meet England, as well as Iran will meet the USA. Iran pretty much shocked Wales on Matchday 2 and earned a good starting position by winning 2-0. Against the USA, 1 point is enough to reach the round of 16. Therefore, we may work out defensively standing Iranians. USA needs good solutions to win the game here. The USA played 0:0 against England.

We can be curious to see who will prevail. England is as good as safe in the next rounds. Unless they lose to Wales by more than 4 goals, which we can’t assume for now. Wales is almost eliminated unless they win big against England, as just mentioned. Here, however, we see England ahead, but 1 point is enough for England to advance. Here you have to see how you place your World Cup tips.

Interesting facts about the World Cup

We took a closer look at the first two match days and found out some interesting facts. A total of 15/28 games ended in a draw at halftime. If it was a draw, then with a 0:0.  24 of the 28 games ended with less than u 1.5 goals in half time 1, a rate of 85.7%. At the 2022 World Cup, only 9/28 games ended with ü2.5 goals, which speaks of a low-scoring World Cup so far. 8/28 games ended in draws, five of them with 0:0. We can be curious whether these statistics will also be fed with results on the third matchday.

Group C

WM Tipps Gruppe C

On the final matchday of the group stage, Poland will face Argentina and Saudi Arabia Mexico. Anything is still possible in this group. Here, in theory, everyone can still get ahead. Poland moved up to first place with a 2-0 win over Saudi Arabia, but will have to face a resurgent Argentina with Messi & Co. on the final matchday. Here we will see if Argentina can confirm their performance against Mexico. We will publish our World Cup tips in our VIP promptly.

In game two, Saudi Arabia will face Mexico. To advance, Mexico must win at least 3-0 against Saudi Arabia and Poland must lose at least 2-0. If Mexico wins 1-0, they will have to hope for a defeat of the Argentines. For Saudi Arabia, a point could be enough if Argentina or Poland lose by more than 3 goals.

Group D

WM Tipps Gruppe D

Here France meets Tunisia and Australia Denmark. The latter are now challenged to win. Otherwise, they may go home. Australia played well against Tunisia and deserved to win in the end. France, on the other hand, has been sovereign in the tournament so far. 2 games, 2 wins. They could rotate their first 11 against the tournament and save them for the round of 16. The more exciting match is Australia against Denmark. We will be curious to see if Denmark can get back into the tournament here and beat the Australians. Otherwise, it’s already a bit of a surprise.

On Wednesday, part 2 of our preview of matchday 3 will be published.